[Recurring membership] How to set it ?


I am using Membership 2 Pro that I like. BUT :

I've set :
- A recurring payment offer in one of my memberships.
- With : Total payment = '0' (unlimited).
- Payment plugged to Stripe.

The problem is that my clients, once they've clicked on "Cancel this subscription", I see in Stripe that their membership is still active. So the recurring payement is continued (instead of being stopped).

That's really annoying for my business.

=> Which solution could you provide ?

Question in the payment section with Stripe :
You make this difference between :
- Stripe Single Gateway (deactivated in my case)
- Stripe Subscriptions Gateway (activated in my case)

=> What is the difference beteween both ?
=> Can you confirm that I'm doing good since all my Membership are recurring ?

Thanks for your answer,