Recurring Membership migrated as Single Payment to Protected Content.

@Michael Bissett

I migrated from Membership Pro to Protected Content and the transfer looked really good. About 2 weeks later I realized that one of my Membership Plans did not transfer correctly. I have a few active plans and one of them is a Monthly Recurring Membership but after the migration it is a single payment plan so everybody that sign up now are not going into as recurring. There were close 120 members in that plan that got migrated over to Protected Content and maybe around 10-20 that have signed up after the migration. I can't edit the payment to change it to recurring... so I am desperate to know how to move forward. The longer I wait I am afraid it will make a mess to deal with.

Thank you!
(I had one open but I was not getting any response so open a new one after the live chat... please forgive me :slight_smile: )