Redirect bbpress user profile to account page?

I have finally managed to get things working with this site. Will have private memberships, manually added to access bbpress forums. When members log in a new menu item becomes visible and they can access and participate in forums. I was able to integrate acceptable bbpress formatting into the new twnetyeleven WP theme. Now comes the part that drives me crazy. The user profile page, where users add and edit their information is NOT protected and the formatting falls apart. I can take the full URL of a user and enter it into a new browser where the user is not logged in, their information shows up and is EDITABLE.

I have set up an account page in Membership and would use that if I knew how to re-direct the bbpress profile page to it. I could include protection of that page. Can you help with that?

I have set you up with a login, but don't want to supply it here yet.
I hope I have explained this clearly. Thanks.