Redirect options after login

I use the Ultimate FB plugin for users to login, but there is only one shortcode to show the FB login button, and it can only redirect to one specific page. This is not useful if user is required to sign in before voting a post (a plugin I use) or to submit a form (another plugin I use) In both cases I need to direct user to a login page (with the shortcode) but after login, user is not sent back to original page. Result: The user is lost and I have lost the user.... :-s

Can you update with extra shortcode options?

- reload same page as the login shortcode is used on.
- reload previous page (the page user was on before he got to the page the shortcode is used on, like the login page)

Of course I can't wait to get that update, so maybe you can give some code snippets I can add somewhere to have that option as soon as possible?

That would be great!