Redirect to bp profile upon login

I use a plugin for this in most of my multisites, but I have a situation now that requires a different solution. The designated home page of my wp multisite is NOT a wordpress page, but rather a whmcs page (this is the way I have it configured within the network settings of wp). So upon logging in, users presently are sent to whmcs -- which I don't want, I only want non-logged-in users going there. I can use the login redirect plugin (wpmudev) to send logged-in users to bp activity pages etc, but not the profile page, as it requires a dynamic link, which the plugin can not accept. Any suggestions? It has occurred to me to write something in the htaccess file that says "if logged into wp, go to dynamic bp profile page; if not logged into wp, go to whmcs", but I don't know the language well enough to pull it off.