Redirect to different pages based on membership type


I am building a job board site that will have talent memberships and hiring manager memberships.

Is it possible to redirect to different pages based on the membership type?

So for example, a talent user will be directed to a talent dashboard page and a hiring manager user will be directed to a hiring manager dashboard page?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey @ScoutSavvy,

    Membership 2 allows for a general redirect page via the "Redirect Control" add-on; however, what you could do here is include all the content on the same page but hide it per membership, so depending which membership the user logs in with, they will only be able to see the dashboard they are meant too.


    [ms-protect-content id="50"]
    Talent dashboard
    [ms-protect-content id="70"]
    hiring manager dashboard

    Would that work? You could also create a "Guest Membership" and then display unique content on that page to logged out users. In this case you would probably just want to display a login form to them.

    Another option would be to have 2 different logins using the login shortcode:


    [ms-membership-login redirect_login="/talent-dashboard/" title="Talent Login"]
    [ms-membership-login redirect_login="/manager-dashboard/" title="Hiring Manager Login"]

    In this case you could select 2 different pages, but keep in mind there is nothing stopping a user from logging into the wrong one, but you could still restrict each pages content to the specific membership, so if they did login to the wrong one they wouldn't see anything or you could show unique content for them to send them over to their own dashboard.

    Hope this helps! If you have any further questions just let us know.


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