Redirect to different wpmu sites based on domain name


I have a master WPMU site called providing ready made websites to my customers in English language.

I'm looking for an elegant way (drop down box) or smth to redirect users to a different sign-up form at a different install for country specific content.

ie. , etc.

I don't wish to maintain multiple master front end sites and wish to only use for that.

Any help is much appreciated.



PS will this get me further? :

  • Mason

    Hiya Ralf,

    I seem to remember a thread on this from awhile back. Can't locate it right off, but if I do I'll post here as well. I think this is how works correct?

    The only way the multi-network plugin would help is if you're actually setting up completely separate network installs for each language. This could work, although you can set the default language on each individual site and then use the multi-domains plugin to map to the domain associated with that language.

    Anybody else have some suggestions for this? Seems to have come up a few times now.


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