Redirect to internal page after login?

Hi there.

I am using the latest beta (

My site is for members only, and I want to have people redirected to a certain page after logging in.

There is a 'protected content page' setting to send people if they aren't logged in, but there isn't one to send people after they are logged in which would be great.

There is a page to redirect people after registering, but not for when they return and log in again.

Is this possible, or can you tell me how I can get this to work.

I tried making this internal static page the default frontpage so after login, people see it.

But it's not protected, so everyone can see the frontpage , which I don't want.
I would have thought people not logged should be redirected to the 'protected content page' however it seems the frontpage doesn't get counted as protected?

Look forward to your help, thanks :slight_smile: