Redirect to main Blog to Checkout-Page after trying to access wp-admin (the first time).

Hey there!

there's a redirect to the main site if the user tries to access his wp-admin (only the first time i guess). But if "Signup on Checkout" is disabled, the user gets redirected without the "continue with the free version"-message, so he doesn't know how to access his wp-admin.

Is there a way not to redirect users to the Checkout-Page?

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  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey @David,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Can you please give us some more info regarding this issue, is this happening right after user registers new site, users visits his site and then try to access wp-admin, or any other info that could help us replicate this?

    I see that supported access is open on one of your sites, is that the site in question so we can check it out?

    Best regards,

  • MapSteps
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Predrag,

    this happens after creating a new site or also if you clear the browser cache and try to access the wp-admin of an existing page. i always get redirected to the main sites checkout page.

    Before the latest update, i could click on the "i would like to continue with the free version"-message to get redirected to my wp-admin. but this has disappeard. i can only switch it on if i use "Signup on Checkout".

    I think there's nothing unusual with this redirect because it offers the new user to upgrade to a pro-site. What i'am looking for is the "no, i would like to continue with my free version" link on that page again, or a code-snippet to remove this redirect.

    The problem now is: If the user is redirected to the checkout page, there's no way he could say "okay, but i don't want to upgrade now, i only want to go to my wp-admin".

    So the users aren't able to access the dashboard right now, because they cannot skip the checkout page in any way.

    Hope i could clarify this a bit :slight_smile:

    Best wishes,

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