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As expected, many links won't work for members if they are not signed-in. However, the current default behaviour of simply re-directing the member to the home page is poor. Is there a way of improving the usability (mimick facebook and such networks) where the member is redirected to the sign-in page if they tried to access a page without being signed in. After sign-in the member is then automatically directed to the url they initially tried to access.

  • drmike

    What kind of links are you looking at and what are you seeing when they "don;t work"? If you;re being redirected to the home page, I have a feeling you're getting a 404 and either the theme doesn;t have a 404 template or the server isn;t setup correctly to handle a 404.

    First thing that comes to mind is redirecting 404's to the signin page. Gotta admit though I wouldn't as the signin page is rather lacking in the "What the heck am I doing on this page?" area.

    I'd rather hardcode a landing page based on the home theme for your site with a "Oops, you;re not logged in. 'Tis required" error with both forms for signup as well as login below that. I'd just drop that into the install's route which would allow all sites to access it.

  • andre7

    Hi Mike

    I'm referring to any URL that is only available to a signed-in member. For instance: a private forum; a private group; even an inbox which is only available when singed-in.

    The motivation is that notifications often includes links, but they are only accessible when signed-in. Let me give two examples - one facebook and one buddypresss. If I get a facebook notification that someone commented on a photo, a link is included. Clicking on the link will take me directly to the correct URL if I am signed-in. If not it will direct me to a sign-in page and then direct me to the correct url.
    In Buddypress, a notification of a new forum comment (private forum) will include a link that directs me to the url if I am signed-in. However, if I'm not singed in them I'll be directed to the home page .... the user then needs to know, without any prompting, to sign-in, go back to the email notification and click on the link again. Altough this seems like common sense to myself and many of us who work with these systems daily, most users are familiar with good usability features as is present in facebook etc.

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