Redirect woocomerce and my_account to subdomain

We need to redirect woocomerce products and my_account to a subdomain, as we've separated public site and admin/WC.

How can we do that in one go?


  • M.

    Hi Kasia,

    Exactly. The is a single WP site installation, with WooComerce installed. The same for the

    As a matter of fact, the subdomain is a clone of the main site (in order to maintain the product ID's).

    For now, we've been manually creating individual 301 redirects (bad idea) from the main sites' WC and /my_account URL'S to the subsite. We've noticed that we keep on missing on URL's and* to$1 redirects are not working well.

    What we want to achieve, is: an user wants to register, login, etc to /my_account (so on any page different to wp-admin), he's redirected to the subsite. When clicking on any URL that was pointing to any WC product, the user should be redirected to the same product, but on the subsite.

    Hope I wasn't confusing :slight_smile:


  • Patrick Freitas

    Hi M.

    How are you today?

    Thank you for clarity the case of use.

    I made some tests on my end using the template_redirect, but couldn't find any easy hook to create this behaviour for all links, and you would need to get the permalink and append on a 301 redirect.

    If the new website and old website products have the same ID, you can use this hook, please, create an MU Plugin, references on

    Paste the following code:

        function custom_shop_page_redirect(){
            if (class_exists('WooCommerce')){
                    $id = wc_get_product()->get_id();

    Replace the for your URL, it should create a 301 redirect for the products, however, this trick only will work if the old site and the new site have the same Product ID. I will be looking for something better, but I'm afraid you will need to extend the code to get all Woo links, like cart/account...

    Best Regards,
    Patrick Freitas

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