Redirect /wp-signup.php to another page

Hello: I do not want to use the wordpress multisite sign up feature. I have created my own form that I want to use verses the functionality of MU. So if I use a plugin etc. that automatically takes visitors to this page: wp-signup.php how would I redirect to another page (my custom page)?

  • DavidM

    Hi randit,

    That could be as simple as not linking to the wp-signup page. If the form you're using replaces the WordPress registration functionality, you can even disable registrations so that people wouldn't be able to register using the default signup.

    As you're customizing the signup process, perhaps you might also want to customize the login process as well. Theme My Login lets you bring the login to your front-end to keep the appearance consistent.

    One other thing you might want to consider is if your theme uses any hard-coded links to the signup process. You can search through your theme files for 'wp-signup' to see if that's the case.


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