Redirected to no-access page when trying to view any member profile page with BuddyPress root profil

In BuddyPress I am enabling root profiles with the following code in my bp-custom.php

define( 'BP_ENABLE_ROOT_PROFILES', true );

This enables the BP profile urls to show as instead of

The problem is though, whenever I try and access any member page (mine or others) while I am logged in or logged out, I get redirected to my no-access page. I have double checked my level and even removed all rules but this still happens. I’ve tried adding a URL group and giving this level a positive rule with the URL group but that didn’t work. As soon as I remove the root profiles code, I have no trouble. Is there a way to fix this? Really need the root profiles.

I should note that if I am logged in as admin I do not have any issues viewing my own BP profile or others.