Redirecting a user after login

One of my members has been "testing" things for me. I was using a plugin that redirected subscribers back to the page they were on when they logged in, thinking this would be a nice touch, but if someone hits a protected page and gets redirected to the "protected content" page, after logging in they see that protected page again, and it looks like the login didn't work. In other words, the plugin to take them back to the page where they last were works perfectly, but makes it look like the login is broken in this case :slight_smile:

So, I replaced that plugin with a plugin that just redirects to a specific page, and now when members log in they get sent to our "members only" page, which is kind of a table of contents for all they can access.

Now, I imagine this might be a difficult request, but it would be really cool if there was a way for the mechanism that redirects to "Protected Content" to cache the location that the person was trying to go to, and return them to that spot after login.

Until then I'm satisfied with the workaround of just sending them to a specific page, but it's a thought for the future. Unless of course there is already a way to do this, and I've just overlooked it! In other words, what I'd love to see is if you tried to go to

you would first get redirected to then you'd login and be back at