Redirecting Admin

I am having a problem that is kind of hard for me to explain:

After I updating my hosting package to VPS I noticed that I was not able to access the dashboard of any site that I had mapped, from the my sites > site name > dashboard. It would redirect and I would have to enter in the address bar to get access to my site. I didn't worry about this too much.

But then I was having trouble with simplepress and I found something saying that I should change my siteurl in settings to instead of Simplepress still was giving me an error. So I changed the home url in settings to same thing and most things were better. Then I noticed that I was having trouble with certain admin menus redirecting to login.

When I go to pages or post I get redirected to: - then I can login and everything seems fine until I go to a post that I want to edit

Then I get redirected to:

and this I am not able to log in to at all.

I have also noticed that on my dashboard... some widgets contain nothing but the login box...

If anyone has any thoughts that would be great.