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I want to make some adjustment to the buddypress registration form. This is a list of items in need of adjustment:
1. Date fields. Plain ugly. 3 large dropdown fields. I want to shrink the sizes and place them on 1 row.
2. Secondly, I want to redirect members (after pressing the confirmation link in the email) to a page were they can complete to fill out the remaining field in their profile? Where can I find the codes for the custom fields, avatar upload etc?

  • Mason

    Hiya SuppaDuppa,

    We can definitely help with some design tweaks for ya. Can we get a link to the elements you'd like to have changed?

    As to the redirect, you will basically need to take the BuddyPress registration form is at /bp-default/registration/register.php. Copy that into your (child?) theme, preserving directory structure and customize it to work for your project needs (use the rest of the file as a template).

    Hope this helps.


  • SuppaDuppa

    Please check out my register page at:
    Use the following login info.
    user: test
    pw: testing

    I added custom fields to buddypress. To make the register procedure as simple I desided to ask as little information as possible, But the problem is that most users dont bother uploading an avatar or fill out the remaining fields. I made a custom search engine. But if users dont provide the necessary info, the search engine has no real use. So I want to make an additional page were I prompt members to fill out the remaining fields. My question is how can I go about finding the code to the custom fields and how do I save their input to their profile. (try login in to my site and take a look at the profile options. The you'll spot my custom fields). The structure must be like this.

    1. User register (standard procedure)
    2. User receive a confirmation email
    3. confirmation email redirects them to a welcome page were they are prompted to fill out their profile
    4. Data is saved to their profile

    PS is their a plugin that you know of that redirects users to a welcome/landing page?

  • Mason

    Hiya SuppaDuppa,

    It's tricky when dealing with BuddyPress as it overwrites WordPress' default signup process.

    This is why a plugin like our login-redirect won't work with BuddyPress:

    You could add this link to your registration email through Super Admin>Options > New Site Settings > Welcome Email. Just put a link to the user's profile page.

    Hope this helps!

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