Redirecting Even When Logged In


I’m using the membership plugin to protect my pages and for some reason even when a user is logged in they are still getting redirected to the “no access” page when they try to click on links.

I’ve set the user level, and set it to have access to all pages.

I tried unclicking “override 404 error” and then the user level worked just fine and when users were logged in they could see the pages. The problem with this is that when a user isn’t logged in I need them redirected to the login page, and I don’t want them to get a 404 error. Is there something I’m doing wrong?



  • DavidM
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    Hi Holly and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Membership can be a complex beast but we’ll be happy to delve into your queries surrounding it here in the forums to make things simpler.

    Just to verify, with the “override 404 error” option un-ticked, does everything work as it should for the logged out user?

    If so, then could you try, at least momentarily, removing all rules from membership level for your logged in user?

    Having no rules applied should entail that users logged in as that member level should be able to see everything, essentially.

    Could you give that a try and let us know how that goes?

    If that does work, could you possibly provide a screenshot of that membership levels rules so we could see where there may be a conflict?



  • hchantal
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    So I thought I had it!

    I found that if I typed in the links to the pages themselves I wouldn’t get incorrectly redirected, it was only when I was clicking on the links that the issue was occuring. So I assumed it was because I was using abbreviations like <a href=".../page-name"> instead of the whole URL.

    SO… I fixed all of the URL’s and now… I don’t get redirected at all. I get 404 errors when logged out, even though I have “override 404 errors” checked off. If I’m logged in, everything now functions properly. I haven’t changed any permissions for my “non user” level which was functioning fine before.

    What the heck?!


  • Philip John
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    Hiya Holly,

    Sorry for the delay here…

    If you’re getting 404s the likely cause you are trying to access pages protected by negative rules in your levels. Double check that you have a positive rule for those pages that you’re accessing and try again.



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