Redirecting Event Registration to the /register page instead of the login page

We are getting complaints, most recently from a 60 year-old computer newbie that our Event Registration process is confusing.

We are using the default process. If the user clicks Yes I am Attending on an event, and is not logged in, that redirects to the login screen, which has a register link at the bottom. Since we are running Membership, that redirects to the Subscriptions List. We have a Free membership for those who wish to try a class or two.

I think that this may be an intractable problem, of novice users who are unfamiliar with the web in 2014.

The client wants to try redirecting to the /register (Subscriptions) page to see whether that is easier for their user base. How can I make Events+ redirect to that page instead of the login page?

However, I did notice that the Free membership had been pushed down the list by a few short-term promotions, which I am sure didn’t help. So, that’s a Feature Request…”sticky” Memberships which are ALWAYS listed first.