Redirecting subdomain or domain to specific page

Can the Domain Mapping plugin be used to map to specific page?

So if someone is using WPMS with subdomains can you map a domain or subdomain to a specific page.

The value to this is that you can offer a user friendly domain to access a generated page like a directory listing. Imagine your running a business directory on a WPMS with subdomains that generates nice pages that covers all the basics for each business. To get to that page you need to do a search or know the static link that would look something like this:

It would be great if a domain or subdomain could be mapped to that page like below: and/or

This way you can charge for a directory listing and also offer a one page website for a person or business that is just the generated content of the directory listing.

I am pretty sure I can do this by making the name server direct a subdomain before it reaches WP to a static page and use an iFrame to display the page.

It would be a lot easier if a WP network site could contain an iFrame for the page URL. Similar to what Facebook is doing now.

A theme or plugin that offers this option would be great. I love WP but sometimes you want to use a subdomain for something else other than a WP site. Like Moodle for doing online courses.

Any thoughts, recommendations or suggestions would be much appreciated.