Redirection and Login Issues with Recent Multi-Domains Update

I updated to the most recent version of Multi-Domains about an hour ago on one of my installs. Since that update, I have been unable to log into any of the non-primary domains.

My Setup
I am running the most recent version of WordPress MultiSite with as the primary domain.
I have two additional domains setup on this install using Multi-Domains: and
The root domains for and are mapped domains on the primary domain (respectively, and

The Issues
Since the update, the mapped domains (i.e., and have begun redirecting to the primary domain (i.e., instead of going to their mapped roots.
I am no longer able to log into the backend on any of the subsites setup on or (the credentials are seemingly accepted and I am then redirected to the login form).

Troubleshooting Thus Far
I have cleared all caches, including server and browser caches, and I have purged my CDN, which resulted in no changes.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Domain Mapping and Multi-Domains, to no avail.
I have tried three different browsers, all with the same results.
I have checked my server error logs, they are empty.
I have verified that no DNS changes have been recently made which could result in this behaviour, no such changes have been made.

At present, I am uncertain of how to go about addressing/resolving this issue. Please let me know if you would like a set of administrative credentials to take a look at the backend (including SFTP credentials, if needed).