Redirection in CoursePress on Multisite prevents action on init?

I've created an integration between WordPress and GoToMeeting and embedded a shortcode into a CoursePress post. I've been able to get these steps to work in a single site (non-multisite):

1. Embed shortcode in post which links to http://home_url/index.php?<postvariables&gt;

2. Upon clicking the link, I've added an action on init looking for certain post variables

3. If it finds the correct post variable, it makes a call to GoToMeeting to get the correct URL and then redirects to that URL.

The trouble I'm having is that when I move that to multisite, still using CoursePress, it redirects to


(SSL intended)

It just displays the site home page and never hooks on init.

Do you all know if there is a difference about how the init hook works in multisite? Or potentially how CoursePress is interacting or redirecting in multisite from a single site?