Redirection page with Classifieds on BP Profile

This is not so much a bug, but a question about how the Classified plugin behaves.

With BuddyPress, on the user profile page, when you click the Classifieds link it takes you correctly to the user's classified ads, but only after briefly pausing on a blank HTML page that reads, "You are being redirected. Please wait." It seems to have an image, that image is always a broken link, but I know it is some kind loader gif.

You can see what I'm talking about here:

Interestingly, I'm using Classifieds alongside your Events+ plugin and Events+ doesn't have that weird redirection behavior when going to the user profile events pages.

So my question is this, why is there a redirection page in the first place when are just navigating parts of BP user profile, and why do I have the bad luck of getting a broken image (on a page I'd rather not have anyhow)?