redirect/mapping not working

Hi guys,

i’ve installed the domain-mapping plugin with the given procedure.

I’ve ste up a network with two sites. The 1st subsite needs to be redirected to a different domain – and this is not working.

On the generell domain-mapping settings i inserted the IP that is given in my host-setup’s DNS A-record. (the same IP that i get when i ping the main site’s domain)

However there seems to be a “challenge” here.

Since i’ve a multi-domain-server-packet, the domain of the main-site and the domain that the sub-site should point to, have the same server-IP. The different domains simply point to different directories on that server.

Do you have expierienses with that? Do i have to make special settings for that, somewhere? I’ve also tried different dns entries on my server’s control panel, but nothing seems to effect.

Do you need some screenshots of the settings?

I could also give you access to my wp-network-installation …there is still nothing to hide here :slight_smile:

Please let me know.

Thank you very much in advance

Norbert Walter