Redirects when wp sites moved to new server

I have recently set up a new server using a VM on a storm internet hardware platform using WHM as the manager. I then started to move some of our WP clients (from a shared hosting service at HEART) and encountered the problem of too many redirects on two of the three moves so far in place. I moved the sites using backupbuddy and also by just copying all the content from public_html folders and using MyphpAdmin to re-establish the database on the new host. No problem before but now get the redirects message. The DNS is still with HEART and I had changed the IP address in the A records and the * field to point to the new server, however I have now removed the * field and the WWW field and changed this to a Cname in case there was a problem here so now everything should be pointing to the root domain with the new server IP. I would be really grateful if someone can help as I am still a newbie in the world of webservers.
Richard M