Reduce the size of images in RSS


We're currently trying to trouble-shoot why large images are displayed on our Wordpress RSS feeds.

Under Settings -> Reading, we have "For each article in a feed, show" set to "Summary".

However when accessing our feeds, the image sizes are massive.

For all our blogs, we have featured images and many blogs have images within the content.

Wordpress seems to pull the first image in a post as the image for the feed.

We searched various places on the web but there's no solutions out there.

We installed "Send Images to RSS" and this works by adding the image size we setup in the module to the RSS feed, however the original large image doesn't disappear., but is added to ie. two o fthe same image is on the same item of the feed.

All we want is a thumbnail size of the featured image for each article on the feed.

If you have have ideas to this problem please do advise.