Redundant Hostnames & MultiSite Network

Redundant Hostnames; So we all know what it is. Usually, we do a 301 redirect traffic to one consolidated domain. However, their website has some history.
They used be http:, after 700 posts, they decided to be https, instead. Now currently the website is 10 times bigger . They were able to open a network, have two sub-directories with and without the www. However, they also have their domain, with and without the http://www.. Google analytics is now given them a Redundant Hostnames error. Their theme is now given them php memory issues, and 404 error, under They want to keep their domain as "" with new pretty links for the future posts and without changing any of the current posts. I''m trying to put the pieces together first but if anyone could shed some light, it will be great. Hopefully, I didn't confused anyone.