Referencing $bp from another site

We are creating WP users from a CodeIgniter membership management system and would like to populate and update a few bp profile fields at the same time.

Have found these functions;-

Looking promising so far.

Have got stuck thus far:-

$wppath = $this->config->item('wppath');
global $bp;
$profile_data = get_all_for_user((int)2);

Which gives:-
Call to undefined function get_all_for_user()

can anyone help please?

  • cannycookie
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    I have the core function @782 as get all notifications - get_all_for_user()
    and get all of the profile information for a specific user on 1066 - get_all_for_user()

    Is that right?

    have tried adding this :-

    $profile_data = get_all_for_user((int)2);

    But get an error:-
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class BP_Embed in ../wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-core/bp-core-classes.php on line 1286

    I'm not sure how to go about including the BP reference.

  • cannycookie
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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for that, sadly not much help - I'm not creating a WP plugin but a CodeIgniter App which connects to WP.

    However - I have managed to figure this one out. The key was the BP-XProfile-Classes.php file.

    So if anyone's interested in updating BP profile fields remotely here's how:-

    //Use these ID's for testing, the WPuserID to update and our system memberID
            $wpuserid = 2;
    	$ourmemberid = 1269;
    	//load our member and his professional information
    	$memberinfo = $this->member->getMemberProf();
    	//Setup an array mapping our fields to BuddyPress field ID's
    	$fieldids = array(
    		'OccupationRole' => 4,
    		'OccupationPrimaryIndustry' => 5,
    		'Books' => 7
    	//Create a new profile data object
    	$profile = new BP_XProfile_ProfileData();
    	//Loop through our array and update BuddyPress Profile fields with our data.
    	foreach($fieldids as $ourfield => $bpfieldid) {
    		$ourvalue = $memberinfo->$ourfield;
    		$profile->value = $ourvalue;

    Hope thats useful to someone in the future :slight_smile:

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