Referral / Affiliate details in wordpress before directing to Iframe ecommerce site

I'm looking for a way to offer effectively an affiliate commission via a log in and tracking system on a wordpress install that acts as a skin to an ecommerce shop running in an i-frame. I have no means of adapting the shop to be able to run an affiliate scheme, so was hoping that by a customer putting details into a form in the wordpress, before it directs to the I-frame page, then I can cross-reference the details to tie up the commission.

is this the only way, and how would I best do it?

I guess parameters are
Wordpress details need to take :
Affiliate's code
details to cross reference onto the actual order eg postcode
and ideally -
time/date stamp?
a means for the affiliate to check their referrals.

Is there a plugin/theme/ecommerce setup that would be able to do this?
any ideas welcome
thank you


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    Hello there Mark,

    Thanks for your post.

    From what I see, that would need some custom development and for that you can hire someone here :

    The reason is that the Affiliate plugin can only track the sales and clicks made on your WordPress and and not a 3rd Party site unless you mod it to do that.

    It integrates with our MarketPress plugin to keep a track of sales an affiliate has referred.

    Because even if you are using your affiliate link on the WordPress site to login, it will still need to map that against the referral account on the ecommerce site.

    Let me see if my colleague @aristath has got more views on this. Its always good to have 2 pair of eyes on issues like this :slight_smile:

    He should be around soon.

    Cheers, PC

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