Pop Up!: Referrer explanation and potential bugs

I’m having a hell of a time getting an answer about this so I wanted to give it it’s own thread so that someone at wpmu can spell out exactly how the referrer check actually works because right now it seems like it doesn’t.

If I have referers coming from domain.com/page1 and page2 and page3 ‘should’ it work if ?I just put domain.com as a referer or does it have to be every one of the potentially 1000’s of pages on the site from which the refer can come. can I use wildcards so that say someone was coming from domain.com or domain.ca i could catch them both?

I unmarked this as resolved because the problem isn’t actually resolved in the plugin itself it’s resolved by hacking the plugin and you would hope that this issue could be deal with officially so future users can have this functionality working out of the box

My issue is occuring with drrosebackman.com and the referring page is: http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2055/the-power-of-an-unstoppable-woman

I’ve tried entering exactly that as a referrer, I’ve tried it without the http:// , without that and the www. I’ve tried just the base domain name, and then wildcards.. nothing works