Regarding e-newsletter plugin - IMPORTANT

Regarding the e-newsletter plugin:

My question regarding this is: i have an email database of 20,000, would this system accommodate it; (this numbers grow everyday).

Secondly how do i make contents appear in grid form in the current available templates?

For a custom email template; chow do i develop an email template, can i just simply use an html/css template, or there are specific tags that has to be put in place in the code to make it compatible with the email system?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @jamalRobert

    It should work with 20,000 subscribers, You would probably need to use SMTP though and use the cron to send out in batches.

    Also to import, you might need to upload in batches, so split those emails into say groups of 5000 so you import 5000 at a time, otherwise you might get timeouts, depending on your server config.

    For the templates you can create your own template.

    Simply copy 1 of the existing templates from e-newsletter/email-newsletter-files/templates

    Rename it and then edit the files inside, to create your own. Once done, upload it to the following folder.


    Now you should see your new template in the templates section when you go to create a new newsletter.

    Hope this helps


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