Regarding "MarketPress" plugin, will this allow me to create recurring billing for monthly


Regarding "MarketPress" plugin, will this allow me to create recurring billing for monthly services?

I want to use PayPal Website Payment Pro with this plugin and since the regular version of PayPal Pro doesn't include automatic recurring billing (unless you pay for their extended service, which is another $30 per month), I wanted to know if within the MarketPress plugin, there's a way to allow users to subscribe to a recurring billing for services, products, etc.

PayPal told me that if the plugin provides the ability to handle the recurring billing (within the plugin) then it should work fine. PayPal only charges the extra $30 per month, if you need to use their interface and their application to handle the monthly or recurring billing.

So, if the MarketPress plugin actually performs the recurring billing .. and just sends it through PayPal, this should work fine. (So I hope.)

I just wanted to know if anyone is or has used the MarketPress plugin to perform recurring billing .. along with the regular PayPal Website Payments Pro, and if everything works fine.

Also, does the client have the ability to log in and cancel their recurring billing within the MarketPress plugin?

Can anyone provide information regarding this?

Gary Gordon

  • aecnu

    Greetings Gary Gordon,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Regarding "MarketPress" plugin, will this allow me to create recurring billing for monthly services?

    No there is no facility available within Market Press to allow for recurring billing - though depending on the nature of the service Pro Sites plugin or Membership plugin may be a suitable solution.

    However, all is not lost considering Market Press and recurring payments.

    Recurring payments could easily be integrated into Market Press products by simply using the external link function within the product description under external links --> linking the cart or buy now button directly to a pre-made PayPal hosted subscription button.

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    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • Kimberly

    Hello Gary!

    First, Thanks for using the WPMU forums :slight_smile:

    What you are asking for is not a current Marketpress feature but has been discussed here before:

    Found this from about 3 months ago:

    "And that said, Aaron (the core developer for MarketPress), mentions that the feature isn't currently being looked into but that you could setup a subscription through PayPal and then include that payment method (a button) in your product content, referring to the following as a resource:"

    Maybe you could also look into the Membership or even ProSites Plugins, depending on your needs?

    Bother offer a subscription service. Membership also allows you to create an Unsubscribe button directly while ProSites allows users to cancel. When a subscription payment is agreed to via paypal there is a special link created within that paypal account, any user can remove that link at any time regardless of whether you supply a button or not.

    I hope I helped to answer your question, please let me know if you need anymore information

  • Gary M. Gordon


    What you described regarding the use of PayPal for subscriptions won't work, since PayPal Pro doesn't really use "PayPal" in the standard manner. Meaning, the recurring billing won't appear in PayPal's interface since with PayPal Pro, people are not using their PayPal account (in most cases).

    So, .. the recurring billing option needs to be handled by the shopping cart.

    Based on what I saw on it seems like many people would like for the MarketPress to incorporate this functionality.

    But it seems like the product will not be doing this any time soon.

    Thanks anyhow. I was really expecting this plugin to allow for this, similar to

    If this application can offer: Recurring payments & Subscriptions , I was hoping MarketPress (for the money I pay to WPMU each year) would have this as an included feature.

    PS: I am not very happy that it doesn't and will likely not resubscribe due to this, unless MarketPress adds this functionality relatively soon. Thanks.


  • Gary M. Gordon


    I really appreciate this. But, without being too pushy or a noodge .. is it possible to tell me how long you think it may be before this is added? (Meaning .. maybe within a couple weeks, a month, or will it likely be a few to several months before this feature is added?

    And, will it work with PayPal Website Payments Pro as well as

    I'm just trying to understand if I can try and hold off until you've implemented this into the MarketPress plugin, or if I'll need to get started and use another similar plugin (if MarketPress will take too long to get this added). Please let me know what you can.

    Thanks again,

  • Gary M. Gordon


    Ok. If I want to sell products and services, and also offer some items with "recurring billing" .. which product (from WPMU Dev, or elsewhere) would you recommend. I can use either PayPal Website Payments Pro or, but probably I prefer

    So, which product would you recommend for this purpose?

    And, can you point me to any site that may be currently using your recommended plugin to do what I'm describing?


  • Gary M. Gordon


    The problem is .. I need a way to take payments that will not require a user to log into PayPal .. or if they do have an email address associated to a PayPal account, it would still allow them to pay with a credit card. PayPal standard, tries to match the email address of the user to their system. So, if a user tries to pay for something using PayPal standard, with an email address that (at some point in the past) is associated with a PayPal account, it requires the user to log in.

    So if the user doesn't know their password for PayPal and has forgotten that they ever did this, then it causes all sorts of confusion for them.

    Therefore, I need to use either PayPal Website Payments Pro (which doesn't check the email address against the PayPal database) or .. I can use (if I set up an account with them.

    That's why I can't use the normal PayPal standard options.

    I just find it hard to understand that WPMUDEV doesn't realize how important it is, even though many people have commented that they want the ability to have MarketPress allow for Recurring Billing.

    But I guess that's not going to be in the cards for quite some time. I just wish it was going to be soon.

    I (personally) am disappointed since selling products (whether they be flowers, food, candy, nuts, etc., etc., as well as services) on a monthly billing would be a natural fit. And, seems to have a relatively simple way to tap into this.

    Hopefully you can incorporate this. But (as a customer of WPMU), .. I may be gone by the time you get around to adding it in.

    Sorry. But this is a very important topic for me.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Gary,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    The problem here is obviously the restrictions PayPal places on the managing of subscriptions and the necessity of a person needing to log into PayPal and having a PayPal account to process said subscription.

    Therefore the only way for it to happen that the "subscriber" does not have to have a PayPal account is defeating PayPal's need to have an account is if the script or software keeps track of the "subscription" internally not addressing PayPal's back end.

    With that said the Membership plugin clearly does just that using the PayPal Express single payments gateway.

    When using the Single Payments gateway, not only does it handle the subscriptions within the membership script itself, one does not need a PayPal account to use a Credit Card for payment.

    The Single Payment gateway does not try to create a subscription since it handles them internally making charges to the credit card when the payment is due from PayPal's perspective of being a one time payment.

    Considering all of the above one could simply integrate the membership subscription into Market Press by using the External Link function "when set this overrides the purchase button with a link to" in this case setting the URL to the specific membership subscription URL.

    That should clearly do the trick getting around PayPal's requirement of having a PayPal account for subscription processing since it will be done by the single payments gateway within Membership plugin.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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  • Gary M. Gordon


    I apologize, but you are not understanding the question.

    PayPal Website Payments Pro allows a vendor to pass information to PayPal (in a way that completely bypasses their normal PayPal login or account verification process).

    This should be possible to do since PayPal has an addon for allowing recurring billing.

    If you guys don't know how to do this, that's fine. But it is possible and I guess you're just not understanding the question well enough.

    The biggest issue is, I do not want to use PayPal Standard or PayPal Express (which requires a user to log into PayPal). When WPMU finally figures this out, let me know.

    I don't mean to sound abrupt, but I keep getting the same "non-relevant" answer to my question. And, the answers I keep getting are not addressing the issue I am trying to get resolved. I'm going to use another shopping cart product since WPMU just doesn't seem to either know how to do this or want to take the time to figure it out. I'm just getting frustrated by the replies I keep getting here pertaining to this question and issue.


  • ymousley

    I have first hand experience with the frustrations of wanting to pay for something, but not being able to because PayPal linked my information together and wouldn't let me separate them. Nightmare getting my credit card de-linked, and now it's basically crippled my account.

    To your problem though, have you checked out Membership? I'm not sure if you're doing a (physical) product of the month type of thing, but Membership is created almost entirely around recurring access and different user levels. I believe it's compatible with - not 100% sure if that includes the recurring billing - but functionality wise, Membership is probably the plugin you want to look at if the recurring payments are an important part of your model. You can use the membership type to restrict access to certain posts or content, so if you wanted to offer silver members a $10 bunch of flowers and gold members a $25 bunch of flowers, you should be able to do that.

    You can choose the payment terms for each membership type, and I think give trials as well, so if you wanted to offer a free month that's possible. If you want to offer a non-recurring plan that's a little bit more, you should be able to do that too, and once the person stops paying they'd fall out of that user group.

    If the non-PayPal recurring payment option isn't included in Membership, I do agree that should be on the roadmap.

  • aecnu

    Greetings ymousley,

    Membership plugin does provide for recurring transactions managing the subscriptions itself via the PayPal Single Payment gateway - meaning that it interacts with PayPal as each subscription payment being considered by PayPal as a single payment though in reality it is an internally processed subscription payment.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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