Regarding page creation in WordPress Multisite

I have been reading the Codex for WordPress multisite, and it seems like what it is saying is that no site on the network can have the same name.

“If you try to create a static page in the first site with the name of another existing site on the network, the page’s permalink will get a suffix (e.g. If you create a new site with the slug of an existing static page, the static page will not be reachable anymore.”

I don’t like this at all, considering that I will have a lot of clients that will probably have similar page names or names that are exactly the same … there’s really no avoiding this.

Is there a way to remedy this somewhat large and irritating problem?


  • mort3n
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi mediastead,

    Like HamRadioDude I understand your concern. You may not have as much reason to be concerned as initially thought.

    The Codex you cite says that if you name a static page on one site the same as the name of another site note, not a page on another site, then the page will get a suffix.

    That is why the nice example of HamRadioDude works.

    Here’s a link to the Codex

    Have a nice Sunday :slight_smile:



  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello @mediastead!

    I’ll post an example here, hoping that this makes it a bit more clear:

    Suppose you install wordpress multisite and you set it up to be sub-folder based.

    A user creates a site named “beeswax”. The url for that site will be

    Now, if a user creates a post on the main site and the post’s title is by coincidence “beeswax” then it can’t have the same url as the site called “beeswax”, right? So WordPress uses suffixes to separate them. That’s understandable and not a bad thing.

    Now let’s suppose a page exists on the main site called “olive-oil”.

    A user comes along and wants to create a blog named “olive-oil”. It’s only natural that a new blog has a higher priority than a single page, right? So WordPress uses the “olive-oil” slug to point to the new blog instead of the previous page.

    I hope that makes sense…

    And don’t worry, there won’t be any mixups with individual blog’s pages.

    Each site can have an “about” page and for site1 it will be while for site 2 it will be The only “issue” is when the permalink of a page on the main site name coincides with the name of a blog in a subfolder installation.



  • Cat
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks aristath – was looking for just this kind of info and answer.

    I’m currently testing MU with subdirectories in the hopes that I can eventually convert two long published WP sites into MU installs. Clients currently have home pages ( These home pages are posts created from info they submit and can’t be edited by the client. In the new MU version we want to give them a chance to “upgrade” or “claim” their home page and turn it into a fully functioning site.

    Hoping that what you describe here will work insofar as once we create a new site for the client, it will automatically override the current client home page. In other words the current (the post) will automatically be overridden by new MU site).

    Thoughts appreciated. Thanks ahead of time for any info.

    – Cat

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