regarding's plugin repository and paid plugins

Just wanted to ask if anyone has a link to the official policy they have regarding non-free plugins?

I usually don’t give a damn what people upload there, I’m not the police but today I was looking for a vulnerability scanner before importing an old WordPress site onto a new server and found 3 plugins that sounded quite nice:

1. – no mentioning of payment as far as I can see, but then 5 months ago in a support thread they say that they mentioned a couple of times that scanning is free, fixing costs money:

2. – they say:

Updated definition files can be downloaded automatically within the admin once your Key is registered.

sounds fair, and registering is free but then when you click on “fix vulnerability” you realize you have to “donate” for that feature.

3. – didn’t even test this one but when you go to their homepage, there are a coupel of different paid plans :slight_frown:

I am sure there are more plugins like these but these 3 I actually checked and I can’t find no mentioning inside any of their descriptions about paid plans and I checked the Notes and FAQ tabs too.

So does anyone know where you can report this? Or does anyone think I’m wrong? Maybe I simply overlooked the part where they state that you must pay?

What do you guys think, shouldn’t the repository contain a warning label: kind of like a red ! which means: plugin contains paid components. That way, if you are looking for free features, you won’t even bother with those.