Regards Affiliate system and Payout to Affiliates

How is the prosess of this? Need to do that manually, is a mass payment file generated to paypal? When are they getting paid etc.

  • Paul


    The payment process from Affiliates can be however you want it. But for some convince we provide the PayPal mass pay export. If you go to the Affiliate > Affiliate Reports you will see the 'Export Payments' button in the top-right above the user listing.

    The process in a step-by-step is something like this.

    1. Go to Affiliate > Settings and set the PayPal currency you will paying with. You only need to do this once.

    2. Go to Affiliate > Affiliate Reports select the affiliate users to pay by setting the checkbox in the first column of the listing.

    3. Then click the 'Export Payments' button in the top-right above the user listing.

    4. Once you have downloaded the file you can then upload to your PayPal account. See PayPal for process of uploading file.

    5. Once you have confirmation from PayPal the upload of the mass file was correct then you need to mark the Affiliate users as paid. Similar to step #1 above you set the checkbox on the user who were just paid via the PayPal mass pay file. Then click the 'Pay Balances' button in the top-right above the listing.

    I know this seems cumbersome and we hope to have it more streamlined in the future.

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