Register Here Links- links to ????

As admin to our buddy press site I haven't realized that the register here... button links to this domain:

And not a register page... this of course leaves my potential users in the dark. I've tried changing the configuration in the Site Admin options nothing seems to work...

any ideas

  • hskstaff
    • New Recruit

    Oh wow this is embarrassing and sadly it's about to get a little more embarrassing for me... I see now if I add a link to login page.

    still no register option could you perhaps tell me how to get to the register page... I am not very farmiliar with PHP?


  • derrick
    • Flash Drive

    Hi i'm having the same issue, have gone into theme options but cannot find the right place to insert a link, no can i find the "" link anywhere in the options fields.

    here is what i have in the header intro section:

    Blog Intro CSS Settings *intro header can only be seen by non logged in user
    Choose your blog intro header background color
    *this will changed the intro header background color

    Choose your blog intro header text color
    *this will changed the intro header text color

    Choose your blog intro header link color
    *this will changed the intro header link color

    Choose your blog intro header hover link color
    *this will changed the intro header link hover color

    Do you want to enable the intro header shade?

    If you want to used a video for the intro header, insert your youtube video id here *html allowed
    Due to security reason only youtube video id allowed

    If you want to used a picture or image for the intro header, insert your image full url here
    *suitable size 480x260
    *you can upload your image in media panel and copy paste the url here

    cannot see anywhere to put a link??

    if there is no option, where do i go where is the file that i modify this and correct it?


  • derrick
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    Hi. . just saw the text. didn't realise it would be part of a whole bunch of standard text. .

    in case anyone else has a problem - its right at the bottom of the theme options:

    Blog Message Settings

    Edit your welcome and sign up message here *html allowed
    welcome message only showed to non member or non logged in user\


  • xInd
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    So we just put a link to
    I finally for the first time have one method for my visitors to register on my blog. Thank you for this. They can only register by entering a username and email address, they are emailed a password. Now, how do I get the signup button to stop doing this? How do I get the full form so they can register their blog, and fill out their profile? --

  • xInd
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    That's what I've been trying to figure out. As far as I know it could have never worked. I had that problem where I'm the admin, so for the first while I didn't notice or attempt to notice if the registration actually worked, I've run wp_mu before and registrations always worked fine... When I noticed registration wasn't working on from looking at it on my other machine, I started looking/asking around here and searching and reading for this problem.... I have tried different themes... I have tried deactivating buddypress and reinstalling... I have tried many things, and all the things listed in the forums I've found so far... Nothing has made it work properly, the only thing I've got is this action on the login.php

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