Register page broken after plugin installation

Hello All,

I have a very tough and challenging problem with the register page on the Primary site of my multisite BP install. The Register page works properly on subsites but not on the primary site. We are running WP 3.3.2 and BP 1.5.6 in Multisite.

The Register page was working fine on the Primary site prior to the installation of Peter's Login Redirect on Saturday March 30th. The plugin was removed but the problem remains.

Trying to find a BP expert that can help!

Here is the gist of it: page does NOT work.
Subsites, such as, DO work. The code is the same for both sites, register.php, in the WPMU Dev BuddyPress Social Theme.

There are two symptoms;
1) If users fill out form correctly, an account is created on the server but the user cannot login with their username and password and they are not logged in automatically as they should be with two plugins that accomplish this, BP Disable Activation and BP Auto Login Using Activation Code. Again, this was working fine prior to the installation of Peter's Login Redirect.
2) If users do not fill out the form correctly no warning messages are displayed for required fields.

Hopefully someone in the community can help me resolve this.