Register vs login for events

Is there a way to send people to a register page as opposed to the default wp-login page when they want to sign up for an event? I realize there is a link to register under the login box, but that's sort of clunky, since folks would have to look for it.

  • cdgweb

    Good questions!

    This is a plain site, not running buddypress.

    I have two funnels: one for people signing up for events (professional workshops) and the other (via MarketPress) for people buying personal classes (won't fit on a calendar). MarketPress sends folks to a registration screen as opposed to a login screen.

    I suppose I could, using Gravity Forms and the registration addon, have folks sign up and login on a separate page. I could just redirect all traffic from the existing login and registration pages using redirection. I'll have to see how that will affect the funnel for each process.

    I'm gonna give this a try and report back.

  • cdgweb

    I can create a pretty registration form, but I can't seem to do a redirect properly. Because both the Events+ and MarketPress use the wp-login.php differently I can't redirect from there.

    Suggestions? I can't be the only one that wants to override awkward registrations and logins.

    I really hate the thought of hacking the plugins to make this work, because that makes upgrading nearly impossible.

  • cdgweb

    I haven't tried it yet, but I saw a plugin called "login redirect" yesterday when browsing the plugins here. I imagine that it's going to conflict with MarketPress, though, since it basically already has a plugin redirect function.

    Sadly, most of my requests for help on these forums end up being 'missed' -- very few ever result in answers outside of manipulating the source code of the plugin, which, as I mentioned, is a bad idea because then you can't update without breaking your fix.

  • Vladislav


    There's a way to influence the Events+ login/redirect links in recent releases (v1.4.3+) without changing the plugin code. The plugin exposes 3 hooks for "yes", "maybe" and "no" login redirect links - the filter names are "eab-rsvps-rsvp_login_page-yes", "eab-rsvps-rsvp_login_page-maybe" and "eab-rsvps-rsvp_login_page-no", respectively. Each one of them accepts (and is expected to return) a single string, the login URL with appropriate redirect. Using these filters, you should be able to apply custom logic to your login/registration process.

    • Tyler Postle

      Hey fonderco, apologies for the delay here. Sometimes these really old threads aren't assigned to current staff so they don't get re-assigned properly. We are in the process of getting old threads closed to avoid this issue.

      As for your question, there is an alternative to the above now. If you turn on the "Allow Facebook and Twitter login" that will provide a popup where a user can register via twitter, facebook, G+, or regular WordPress without leaving the page.

      Events+ doesn't include a profile page but if you already have one on your site you would like to send them to after registration then it would require a bit of custom coding as Vladislav explained above. If you need assistance with that then just let us know where you would like to send them exactly and when then I'll see if one of our developers can provide some further direction :slight_smile: