Registered user cannot log-in or see site

A user registered in September 2012 for a 12 month subscription.

Their name is Glenn Worrell, and they signed up with the email address

Their domain, registered at GoDaddy, is LGWINSPECTIONS.COM.

Their account has been debited, but they can’t log in with their username (, nor does their domain display.

From my WordPress admin dashboard, no site is listed in the system as ever existing for, nor any user with the email

Could you help me to find/recover their site or any details of their transaction, and/or why it’s failed and isn’t displaying?

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi propages,

    This is going to come over as a very patronizing series of questions, so I apologise in advance….

    Are you sure they registered?

    Are you sure they used that email address to register?

    Their domain doesn’t point to your site… are you sure they forwarded it?

    I presume you are using Pro Sites and Domain Mapping. To locate a site in Pro Sites you would need either the site name as created on your system… {their subdomain}, or their username. You could then do a site or user search to find their account.

    Pro Sites wouldn’t mysteriously erase a user and their site, so your customer must be providing you with incorrect or incomplete information.

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