Registered users can't add new site, but this is enabled in Super Admin setting

I have allowed users of my multisite to add new sites, in Network Admin -> Settings -> Registration. Here I have checked "Both sites and user accounts can be registered." But the option to do so is not appearing in their dashboards. I am testing this by logging in as a user. I've enabled support access so you can take a look. Can you please help?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey William,

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    I see that you have Pro Sites installed, so in this case users need to go to /Upgraded-Site/ page in order to create new site.
    Also, in Pro Sites > Settings panel you have "Allow multiple blogs" option disabled so if the user already has site registered he won't be able to register another one with that account.

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  • William Kowalski

    Thanks Predrag Dubajic
    I have enabled "Allow multiple blog" but on the /upgraded-site/ page for a test user, I am still seeing no free option to create multiple blogs. (It also required me to log in twice, though one of these might have been Jetpack). It seems to me that there should be an option to disassociate multiple blog signup from Pro Sites altogether. Do I also need to check the "Allow free signups" option in Pro Sites settings? I was under the impression that this would still route people through the Pro Sites plugin when they signed up for their first blog, which I don't want to do. Was I wrong about that?

  • Dimitris

    Hey there William Kowalski,

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    Enabling "Allow free signups" did seem to restore the ability for users to add new sites from their My Sites page, but it won't allow them to create a new site under an existing username and email address, so they might as well just be going through signup.php. Is there no way for users to create new sites under their existing name on their own? Do I have to do it for them?

    If user exists already in WordPress user base, then he/she have to login first and then he/she can create a new blog by entering the subdomain & title fields in /wp-signup.php page.
    If user doesn't login, and use the same username & email address at the new user registration page (again at /wp-signup.php page), then truly an error comes up as these fields should be unique.

    I might not getting your issue exactly though, so please do try to describe to me the exact steps that you're following that gets you an error/issue and I'd be more than happy to further assist you! :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,