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On the community panel, before the < user Login> I would like to add a <register/login with facebook> box. Please how can I add this on my theme. I already have this box configured using ultimate facebook. Thanks

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi there!

    If you check out the Facebook>Shortcodes menu you will see a shortcode to add a “login with facebook” button.

    Connect shortcode

    Tag: [wdfb_connect]


    avatar_size – optional. Size of the avatar shown, in pixels. Default size is 32.

    Any text you supply between [wdfb_connect] and [/wdfb_connect] tags will be used as button text.


    [wdfb_connect] – will create a Facebook Connect button with default text (“Log in with Facebook”:wink:

    [wdfb_connect avatar_size=”98″] – will create a Facebook Connect button. Once logged in with Facebook, the displayed avatar will be 98px large.

    [wdfb_connect]Get in![/wdfb_connect] – will create a a Facebook Connect button that says “Get in!”.

    Note: you have to allow registering with Facebook in your plugin settings (under “Facebook Connect”:wink: for this shortcode to work.

    You can wrap this in a php command an insert it into the relevant template wherever you would like it to appear in your theme. It would look like this:

    <?php echo do_shortcode( '[wdfb_connect] ) ?>

    You can include this in your child theme as well :slight_smile:



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