Registration and flow of Affiliate with Membership 2

Hi folks.

OK I have Membership 2 running on a site and have just setup the Affiliate plugin/addon with it.

I have noticed some pretty glaring issues with the user experience.

So you arrive at my site and want to become an affiliate. I eventually found the handy shortcodes which supply a login link and so I created a dedicated Affiliates page with the shortcodes on it. But there is no register link, there is one in on the standard wp login form you arrive at but because membership is installed you are taken to the membership page first to choose a package. Instead I think you should be taken to Account page rather than the standard WP login form.

So I think in affiliateshortcodes.php on line 158 a conditional statement should be included to say: IF Membership 2 is on THEN go to memberships account login page ELSE go to standard WP login page. Perhaps also add a link direct to the Membership Register page too.

However when you register via this page it take then takes you to the choose a membership page. Obviously if you are registering as an affiliate then you probably dont want to see this page. Is there a way to add something to the url if the user comes from an affiliate shortcode link?

If they do login via Memberships Account page they are then taken to the account page and if you have setup a dedicated affiliate account page this isnt where you want to be either.

Currently it just doesnt seem to integrate with the flow of how people use the website when Membership2 is used.

I can only think that the solution is that the affiliate plugin has its own login/register form that navigates people to the correct Affiliate account page (perhaps this page can be a setting in the Affiliate admin).

Does that make sense?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @thePath,

    Hope you're well?

    As far as I was aware, this is how it's always worked. People sign up as an affiliate seperately, but they must already be a member of the site in order to become an affiliate.

    What you could do I suppose is activate the redirects add-on in M2 > addons.

    then you can set a redirect on each membership plan which should then redirect that user to any page you want after registration.

    You could perhaps create a membership plan just for affiliates to register with, then have this plan redirect to the affiliates account page afterwards?

    You can also add a login shortcode to the page such as;

    [ms-membership-login redirect_login="/welcome/" redirect_logout="/good-bye/"]

    Though not sure if that would work for you? if not, I can certainly add your suggestions to the features list for the developer to consider.

    Hope this helps

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi @Vaughan, yeh cant complain, well I could but it would be a very long thread :wink: hope you're good.

    Well thats the thing really, you've nailed the problem really. The affiliate registration is "meant" to be separate but when using M2 it forces you to register via M2. So like I said the flow is all wrong. Try it, if you have a test site with M2 and Affiliate, just pretend to be an affiliate looking to signup and you will see the problem as stated above. The affiliate is always asked to signup to a membership.

    Your suggestion of the membership specifically for affiliates is a good one but still feels like a hack.

    Im not sure what a redirect would achieve because you need to be able to differentiate between an affiliate user and someone wanting to buy a membership.

    I think the thing is if you are advertising that Affiliate integrates with M2 then it should, because although it might in the admin, it doesnt on the front end.



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