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Membership 2.1 beta 2 (as modified to remove the print_r), WP 3.2.1, minimous theme.

I want the login and registration for subscriber members to be on the sidebar or in the header. At the moment, while the registration is a nice page that uses the [subscriptionform] shortcode, the actual login is in the rather ugly back end. So I installed the sidebar-login plugin by Mike Jolley and this works nicely. If I use the sidebar-login and include registration, this requires the standard WP registration to be enabled whereas Membership requires it to be switched off. Anyway the Membership registration is rather more robust with a confirm email and password.

So normal registration with Membership plugin can be implemented and a navigation entry added so the stranger sees the link. However they still see the link when they are logged in.

1) Is there any way I can suppress this in the Menu?

2) Is there any other way I can have a sidebar (or header) login/logout/registration that avoids the customer seeing the admin part of the website?

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    Seems a nice replacement but if I disable Wordpress registration in Settings > General, as required by the Membership plugin, I still have to have a registration page. Then I need to suppress this in a logged-in context.

    In the tables of course Members == Users so there is no real difference between them to start with. But a user registered via the WP system does not then go on to select the membership level, which is the whole point of a tiered membership system designed to make money!

    In other words, WP-registered users are 'free' members very much like simple subscribers to posts.

    In fact the Theme My Login is functionally the same as the sidebar-login that I as trying so it doesn't integrate fully with Membership. There is a redirection facility but it does not enable redirection on registration - only on login and logout.

    Still puzzled ...:wink:

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    I see quite a few other queries about integrating Membership with front-end logins.

    The issue is that ALL the front-end login plugins require you to have the "Anyone can register" checked for registration to work, whereas the Membership plugin requires it to be unchecked and there needs to be a separate Registration page with the subscriptionform short code. The next (and additional wrt standard registration) step in Registration is to go through the subscription form stuff, which means that Registration needs to be followed by a landing page that has the shortcode.

    Since none (so far) of the front-end plugins offer redirection on logging in, to have clean registration that does not go round the back-end AND also goes through the subscription setup appears to be impossible.

    Maybe this is a feature with other membership plugins (and to some extent it is a theme issue of course) but it would be good if 'our' plugin had this functionality....:slight_smile:

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    I have been going round in circles on this one!

    I have been looking at the coding and I wondered whether I could add a login facility to the theme, which some themes already have. After various tries at understanding the intricacies of the registration procedure through the whole WP tree, I then thought I had a bright idea and added a symlink to a child theme of various membership files. Except of course plugins and core coding are loaded before themes so that didn't work!

    Then I thought to add a registration link to the menu that is disabled if is_user_logged_in() returns true but that doesn't work either - the text is encoded automatically so it displays the php in the menu line!

    So I am back to just having a Register tab that is present whether logged in or not and tells you that you are already registered if you click it, which is not ideal.:slight_frown:

    The ideal is to add the widget to Membership natively... I think there are a lot of users out there who would appreciate this. It could be based on the Theme My Login. An idea for 2.1 final??? Or 2.2???

    BTW the 2.0.7 version worked on a re-cloned site where I just installed the tree but didn't change the database except while I can update the user profile, it still shows a multisite drop-down.

    BTW2 Users who have joined under the default registration system can't be assigned levels even though they are admins and the table is the same. Some way of enabling the user to be migrated to a member should be possible which means adding entries to the X_m_membership_relationships table I guess.

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