Registration and login

Membership 2.1 beta 2 (as modified to remove the print_r), WP 3.2.1, minimous theme.

I want the login and registration for subscriber members to be on the sidebar or in the header. At the moment, while the registration is a nice page that uses the [subscriptionform] shortcode, the actual login is in the rather ugly back end. So I installed the sidebar-login plugin by Mike Jolley and this works nicely. If I use the sidebar-login and include registration, this requires the standard WP registration to be enabled whereas Membership requires it to be switched off. Anyway the Membership registration is rather more robust with a confirm email and password.

So normal registration with Membership plugin can be implemented and a navigation entry added so the stranger sees the link. However they still see the link when they are logged in.

1) Is there any way I can suppress this in the Menu?

2) Is there any other way I can have a sidebar (or header) login/logout/registration that avoids the customer seeing the admin part of the website?