Registration and payment for membership all at once?

Please help.
I'm hoping that Membership 2 Pro can give me the protection I need for my program.
I'm thinking there must be something I'm doing wrong because it isn't making sense to me.

Here's what I want:
- A single level of protection. No free access, no trial, just one single paid membership. (I'm using the PayPal Single Gateway.)

Here's what's happening:
1. Click on link to Buy Now and taken to a registration (not payment) form.
2. Fill it out and submit - and the form goes blank but no re-direct to payment option or anything else, just the same registration form.
3. Meanwhile the registrant is put in as a subscriber and apparently an invoice is made but no notification goes to the registrant.

All I need is a place to send people from the landing page (LeadPages) where they decide to buy, where they can in fact pay and be registered into the Membership.
Is this possible?
Please and thanks. :slight_smile: