registration and payment on same page

Can anyone tell me how I can put the registration and payment forms on the same registration landing page? I don't want the force people to first become a member and then pay on the following page. How can everything be placed on one landing page?

  • DavidM
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    Hi michaelcoulter5,

    First off, are you referring to the MarketPress plugin?

    If so, registration isn't actually required for the checkout process, it's just useful. More so, users can login or register to your site at any time before the checkout process as well.

    Other than that though, MarketPress doesn't itself contain the registration process. It would require a substantial customization to have it so.

    Is there another plugin you're referring to here though, perhaps Membership?


  • dustin
    • The Crimson Coder


    I am referring to the membership plugin, not marketpress. I want to have one landing page where someone can sign up and pay for the e-course without going to multiple sign up pages. Can I put the payment form on the same page as the sign up/registration?

    How can I remove things such as the buddypress links and leave a comment fields? I just want a landing page with as little as possible. Just the payment form so people can easily pay and get access to the course.

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