Registration button not working

Hi Tammy -

When clicking the "join us" (registration) button on the daily/buddypress theme, it appears that the action fires, but a registration form is not presented to the user.

I had a number of plugins installed, deactivited them, deactivated buddy press, toggled the "show sign-up box" to 'no', re-activated buddy press, toggled the "show sign-up box" to 'yes' -- all to no avail.

The plugins that were installed but deactivated are:

- Facebook social widgets
- Follow me
- Google Analytics for WP
- Recently Popular
- Sexy Bookmarks
- Twitter tools

We're in a little bit of stealth/underground mode, so i'd like to share this with you privately if possible.

I also have a number of other questions regarding customization of the theme, but will save those for another time/private message.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @pabloroboto: It's going to be one of a few things.

    1. Plugins - turn them all and see if issue occurs still
    2. You've not turned on the registration
    3. Something else we'll know if can rule out those 2 first things :slight_smile:

    If you can have a look at those 2 things and get back to me that would be great thank you.

  • pabloroboto
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Tammie -

    1. I had already turned them all off including toggling of buddypress (see above)
    2. I have turned registration in the General settings section (n00b mistake was not on) .. but registration still doesn ot work.


  • pabloroboto
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    looks like i'm good to go. the problem was (2) - registration not enabled in general settings (duh) and .. I was alrady logged in with my admin credentials and tried to "register" after enabling registration.

    For other uses, what may be confusing:

    (a) if logged in I still get the "register" option/button on the front page. Is there anyway to disable this?

    (b) the registration page has a spot to register or login with the login text reading: "To start connecting please log in first. You can also create an account." with the create a count hyperlinked to the same page.

    I'll have more questions later as we go to launch ... love the theme, hope to be able to customize some additional things.

    cheers -

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