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Hello All,
I have two things I need to accomplish.
1. I don't want people registering for the main site. I need them to register for the group/sup-site that they belong to and not the main site. How can I get them to only be registered for the sub-site and not have access to the main site?
2. I see a couple different ways to feed the blog posts from the sub-sites to the main site. Which is the best way for me? I need all posts in all sub-sites to go to the main page of the main site.
Should I use Autoblog, Global posts or some other way?

Thanks for all you help

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    1. You could disable/redirect for the main domain so that a form is not available.

    You could the use a plugin like this:

    This will let people register on sub sites.

    2. You mean you want this replicating to the front site?

    This could be bad for your SEO if they're simply duplicates.

    If you want some content but then to send people out to subsites then I'd go the Post Indexer route:

    You will find a number of plugins on that page which work with Post Indexer, like Global Search, Global Tags, etc.You might like the Live Stream or Recent Global Posts.

    If you are just wanting to duplicate the content then you could use Autoblog.

    I hope this helps.

  • Richard
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thank you.
    1. That is the perfect plugin for what I am doing.
    2. What we are doing is building a testimony site. People will join under the church that they belong to (sub-site) and post their testimonies there. The testimonies from all the churches will feed into a main testimony page on the main site. It could be a list of testimonies and exerts that link to the actual post or it could be a copy of the post on the main site. I'm not real concerned about SEO. I know the risk of looking like a content farm, but the functionality is more important and the site will be promoted mostly by word of mouth anyway.
    so people will post in their church and read testimonies on a per church basis or from the main site they can read all the testimonies from all churches.

    I'm thinking Recent Global Posts with the indexer is best. Maybe even have the global search to find the topics of interest.

    Thanks for all you help.

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