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I have two kinds of membership, Platinium and Golden. One more category as simple visitor who can get one free trial of my services. I made already the levels and private content of the pages inside my WP platform. But I don’t get it where can I customize fields of the registration page. Been clear, I need to know this issues:

1. How can I customize the registration fields?

2, Where can I edit or put my login button?

3. Where it goes the data that I obtain with the registration form?

I appreciate any kind of support with this….

  • Tom Eagles
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    Hi there, so let’s take these in turn

    1. How can I customize the registration fields?

    What do you have in mind extra data as in adding more fields or just changing the names of the fields on display? Depending on which, will be a different solution.

    2, Where can I edit or put my login button?

    Depends if you want to add a simple link on the menu for login, this way it could be done so if someone is logged in they don’t see it and you could also do a conditional display that would take them to their account page if they were logged in also,

    3. Where it goes the data that I obtain with the registration form?

    The info will be available to you in the wordpress admin under users,

    Hope this helps, once you come back to me with the answers to the questions i can continue to give you more help.


  • alecamile
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    Hi Tom, how are you?

    Well in the first case -the fields- I mean “changing the name of the fields display”.

    2nd. I guess it will be greatwith the link into one widget sidebar, but where is that login link?

    3rd It’s totally clear… thanks

    Very useful infomation Tom, I’ll be waiting for your answers…

  • Tom Eagles
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    Many apologies for the delay here, some threads dropped off our feed and this was one of them, i have reopened your account for 7 days free of charge for you to get the latest version and for us to help resolve this issue if its still outstanding.

    You can always change the display names of the fields by editing the language files using poedit just change the default text save the file again and upload the files back to the plugins language folder.

    For more info on this see the help guide n poedit. most peple think of the language files just for translating but you can als use them to adjust the original text also.

    to create a link to login simply go to wp-admin>apearance>widgets> rag a text witdget to the side bar and add something like this.

    <a href="">add your text her</a>

    or if you wanted to use an image instead

    <a href=""><img src="yourimage.jpg"></a>


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