Registration Form not working with multiple questions:

We are trying to finish a website that uses BuddyPress, WPMUDEV Membership Plugin for membership levels and subscriptions, and Events+. Here are our questions:

1. The registration page gives us an error saying that “this account is not active”

(this is the page they see when they Sign Up for the first time – let us know if we did it correctly).

2. So it won’t let the person register, but then it actually does register the person as an admin. We definitely cannot have this.

3. How can we connect Buddypress, your Membership Plugin, and Events+ together seamlessly so they are all connected AND there is only one registration page?

4. Does Pay Pal automatically charge monthly reoccurring payments? We need to have it automatic.

5. Is there any way to offer two payment options? If they pay monthly a certain cost and then if they pay annually – a different cost that is lower? If yes, how?

6. Also, we are using the Social Login plugin where people can register and login using FB, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. It was working (only FB is set up now so test with that one). Now that we set up the membership plugin, when you choose an member level on this page a pop up window appears and they complete their registration details but the social icons to register via your social media sites do not show up. How can we add this? This is a major function of the site and we must have this.

Thank you so much for your help!

We can give you admin credentials – everything is set up with Sandbox right now too.