Registration Not Working with Optimizemember


I am hoping someone here can help me with my problem with Optimizepress and Optimizemember. Before you say "go get help from them". Let me tell you their support is VERY slow. It has been two days and I have not heard back on this issue and another issue took them a week to respond.

So please read and let me know if you have any suggestions:

I'm setting up OptimizeMember with ClickBank and I've gone all the way through configuration and placed a test order. Then I click on the link within the ClickBank email or order confirmation page. This link takes the customer to the registration page where they are suppose to register for membership. However, at the registration screen I get: "User registration is currently not allowed."

How do I fix this problem? I want people that have paid to be able to register and for them to be assigned the correct membership level.

I have narrowed the problem down to the registration not turned on in optimizemember.
I tried to create a member by just visiting this page: without going through clickbank first. I still get this error message " User registration is currently not allowed".

When I login to WP admin and then go to Settings>General I see a message "* Note: The optimizeMember plugin has control over two options on this page.
Allow Open Registration = 0, and Default Role = subscriber.
For further details, see: optimizeMember -> General Options -> Open Registration."

I am not sure what else to do I have followed all of the tutorial videos several times and have spent hours searching for a solution to this problem. But clearly something is wrong.

Any help will be appreciated.